Vegetarians rejoice! New vegetarian bundle available

Vegetarians rejoice! New vegetarian bundle available

Mannatech’s new vegetarian bundle is packed with vegetarian-friendly gluten-free goodness. NutriVerus® powder supplies your body with wholefood vitamins and minerals while GI-ProBalance® slim sticks get the digestive system back in balance using live bifidobacteria and lactobacilli to support your intestinal functions. And for more general well-being, PLUS with AmbrotoseTM tablets contain high concentrations of natural plant-based phytosterols from Dioscorea villosa, or true Mexican wild yam, a plant that produces high-quality plant-based oestrogens.

The bundle contains everything you need to get your well-being on track without interfering with your meat-free lifestyle. All of the ingredients in these three quality products are derived from natural, plant-based sources, ensuring you’re not filling your body with harsh chemicals or animal products.

More about Mannatech products:

NutriVerus powder is a nutrient-rich blend of plant-sourced vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients and antioxidants. It boosts energy and supports cell-to-cell communication while simultaneously supporting the immune, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems. Vitamins E, D, B12 and more reside in this whole-food base of stabilised rice bran and organic fruit and vegetable powders.

GI-ProBalance slim sticks are considered a synbiotic as they contain six different strains of probiotics and two prebiotics to enhance the overall health of the digestive system. As the intestinal tract is a common source of many illnesses it’s very important to keep its microfauna in balance. Unlike many probiotic solutions, GI-ProBalance doesn’t require refrigeration and has absolutely no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

PLUS with Ambrotose tablets are designed to promote general well-being through Mannatech’s formulation of dioscorea and Ambrotose complex. They contain Mexican wild yam, a common ingredient in traditional American folk medicine for the relief of muscular cramps and spasms. PLUS is particularly useful in the treatment of menstrual symptoms but also provides the nutritional support you need to help maintain optimal health.

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