Vegan food supplements with Mannatech

Vegan food supplements with Mannatech

Mannatech products mostly contain the best plant-derived ingredients to ensure optimal assistance for the various systems in your body. But did you know that almost all of Mannatech’s products are vegan friendly?

The Mannatech Australasia vegan product list includes all of the products on the vegetarian list except ImmunoSTART® tablets, NutriVerusTM powder and OsoLean® powder.

Vegan Food Supplements

Advanced Ambrotose® (capsules and powder)
Ambrotose AO® capsules
BounceBackTM capsules
EM•PACT Preworkout Sport Drink
MannaBears® supplements
Manna-C® capsules
Phyt•Aloe® bulk and capsules
PLUS tablets
and PhytoBurst® Nutritional Chews

are ALL vegan!!

Vegan food supplements products do not contain meat, dairy or egg-derived ingredients, and since none of our products contain eggs, all of the vegetarian products not having ‘contains milk’ on the label are considered vegan.

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