60 Day Spring Challenge

60 Day Spring Challenge

Join our Spring Challenge and transform into the new you. In time for summer! Our TruHealth challenges have helped so many achieve their goals. Our TruHealth System will make shedding fat easy. And you’ll be armed with tools to stay on track at truhealthfitness.com.au.

Connect with others and receive support and encouragement through our Facebook group.

Every sign up to the Spring Challenge receives a NEW 700ml Blue Shaker, Recipe Book and Fat Loss program booklet.2



Make sure you’ve completed these steps by 15 Oct 2018!

  1. Purchase and follow the TruHealth FatLoss program (TruPLENISH, TruPURE and TruSHAPE) at mannatech.com.
  2. Join the ‘Spring Challenge 2018’ at truhealthfitness.com.au by 15 Oct 2018.
  3. Submit ‘before’ pictures and body measurements between 10 – 15 Oct 2018 via truhealthfitness.com.au.



To build muscle your body needs protein alongside physical exercise.

  • On average women need 46 grams of protein per day.
  • On average men require 56 grams of protein per day.

By replacing one meal per day for a TruPlenish Shake, with 20 grams protein, you can ensure you are receiving half your daily requirements of protein.

TruPlenish contains TWO plant-based proteins, pea and brown rice protein; providing optimal support for the body.



 1. Overall centimetres lost for male category, and overall centimetres lost for female category. Total prize pool $6,000.
2. 700ml Blue Shaker, recipe book and Fat Loss program booklet can only be earned once per individual, when you complete all 3 required steps to join the Spring Challenge. 700ml Blue Shaker, recipe book and Fat Loss program booklet will be sent from 1 November 2018.
See all rules and Terms & Conditions at truhealthfitness.com.au
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