Show the world how you #FeelTheEmpact

Show the world how you #FeelTheEmpact

Mannatech launches Competition to celebrate the relaunch of EMPACT Citrus Energy Drink™ mix

On Thursday the 12th of November, Mannatech Australasia went live with its #FeelTheEmpact Competition to celebrate the relaunch of one of its top selling products EMPACT Citrus Energy Drink.

The Competition runs until the 29th of November and requires participants to:

  • post a photo of you on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook doing something energetic, fun or outgoing
  • you must to include the hashtag  #FeelTheEmpact


The winner of the competition will be interviewed by Mannatech, which will be published with the online community on different social media platforms across the web!

Mannatech Australasia has re-branded the EMPACT Citrus Energy Drink mix packaging to streamline the messaging for consumers so they know exactly what they are putting into their bodies reaping the benefits of a solution that is durable, delicious and effective.

To get involved and win the chance to be interviewed, Post a photo of yourself being active and use the hasthag #FeelTheEmpact on Facebook, Instagram or twitter.

For more information on the EMPACT Citrus Energy Drink™ mix product and its rebranding visit

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