Mannatech’s Naughty or Natural

Mannatech’s Naughty or Natural


As Australians, we just love our organically grown wholefoods! We place high value on our locally grown fresh produce and show patriotic support for our hard working Aussie farmers, effectually forming some interesting shifts in our markets and diet trends over the last few years.

“Consumer demand for organic food is growing at a rate of 20-30% per year.”[1]

More and more Aussies are recognising the benefits of ‘clean eating’, preferring wholefoods that are less processed, contain less pesticides or genetic modifications that are hot table topics.  The market is responding to this consumer inclination towards wholefoods, with popup markets becoming more popular and trendy.

Also the demand for organics increasing has allowed for further investment in the industry, that creates an economy of scale encouraging production to become cheaper. This has resulted in major supermarket chains jumping on the bandwagon, launching organic product ranges of their own. [2]

All the facts and figures say Aussies are steering away from the naughties to consume more natural products, but what is all the fuss about?

There is a great range of health benefits that accompany consuming plenty of naturally sourced fruits and vegetable in your diet. Having a balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetable provides your body with a large range of vitamins that help keep your body at optimum health.

With such an incredible variety of potential health benefits, and increased accessibility to wholefoods after a steady increase in the organics industry, you would assume everyone is happy, healthy, and eating everything they need right? Well, not quite.

In an Australian survey on obesity, one in five experts placed time pressure as the single most important factor underlying the rising rates of obesity[3] and in a European survey of 14,000 people one third of participants said a lack of time was a major barrier to healthy eating.[4]

So what is the answer to getting adequate nutrition with a busy lifestyle?

Mannatech of course! Mannatech’s patented glyconutrient technology, provides a range of products that can assist in boosting our nutrient intake in quick and easy capsules, powders and tablets that will help your body maintain optimum health.

Every product you consume is jam packed with specially formulated blends of goodness, and offer many benefits such as:

Ambrotose Complex Can boost cell-to-cell communication, supports immune and digestive systems

Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 Supports bone and teeth health, supports the heart

GI-Pro  Balance® Slim Sticks Supports gut health and provides a good dose of probiotics and prebiotics

NutriVerus® Powder Supports brain health, offers antioxidant and immune system support

The majority of ingredients in Mannatech’s range of products are naturally sourced, catering to all lifestyles and body types. So why not keep up with the wholefood organic trends of 2016?

Pay a visit to your local popup market, buy organic brands at your supermarket and put in your Mannatech order where you can select from a vast range of products to cater for you and your family in maintaining optimum health.


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