Mannatech: a pioneering and passionate company

Mannatech: a pioneering and passionate company

You made the right decision to purchase Mannatech products. There are thousands of companies around the world in the health and wellness industry supplying vitamins and supplements to consumers. According to Steve Nugent, Mannatech’s Global Wellness Director “The average lifespan of the average company in our industry is less than 4 years, in fact, 96% of dietary supplement companies don’t even make it to their 4th anniversary!” There are 5 compelling factors which has enabled Mannatech products to have weathered fads and trends in the nutrition industry and lasted 20 years.

1. Pioneers

Since the beginning of recorded time, history has validated the importance of the amazing aloe vera plant. Alexander the Great carried these plants with him for soldiers injured in war. Fascinated by the amazing properties of the aloe vera plant, Dr Bill McAnalley – an eminent chemist and  pharmacologist – discovered the first beneficial polysaccharide from aloe vera gel (Acemannan).

In 1994, Mannatech negotiated exclusive distribution rights to an Acemannan-rich compound called Manapol and the company was launched with the nutrition industry’s first stabilised aloe vera gel dietary supplement. In 1996, Mannatech introduced Ambrotose® complex powder as the world’s first Manapol-rich dietary supplement to support the immune system and to support cellular communication.

2. Disruptive technology

Ambrotose complex powder, formulated with the Manapol aloe vera extract, became the foundation of Mannatech’s Real Food TechnologySM solutions for healthy cell-to-cell communication and immune system support. Just as the personal computer, the Apple®iPad and iPod and the cell phone were considered disruptive technology because they changed the way humans live, Mannatech’s Ambrotose complex powder and Real Food Technology have disrupted the dietary supplement industry.

Mannatech introduced Real Food Technology solutions to take a different approach to nutritional supplementation. Simply put, we use science to ‘capture’ nutrition from nature, not ‘create’ nutrition. Mannatech provides consumers with products that contain standardised levels of natural and plant-sourced nutrients at nutritionally beneficial levels. Nutrition works best when it comes from nature because it’s more easily used by the body.

3. Scientific validation

When consumers are shopping online for vitamins and supplements, they may see companies advertising their products with men in white lab coats. Does this mean their products are scientifically validated? According to Steve Nugent, “There’s no country on planet earth that requires a company that makes or sells dietary supplements that has real scientific research or real scientific validation.”

Mannatech is different.

Steve says “Given the drug company background of Mannatech’s first Chief Science Officer, Dr Bill McAnalley, he created a state-of-the-art analytical chemistry lab. Visitors who come to this lab are stunned because they don’t expect this from a nutrition company.”

Dr Robert Sinnott


Mannatech’s Dr Robert Sinnott (MNS, PhD) extended our proprietary product base through the formulation of PhytoMatrix® caplets, the industry’s first vitamin and mineral supplement produced from natural and plant-sourced ingredients at standardised, nutritionally beneficial levels using Real Food Technology solutions.

In 2012, Dr Robert Sinnott (MNS, PhD) blended blended components of our proprietary glyconutrient complex, our proprietary antioxidant composition and our proprietary real-food vitamin/mineral formulation into a whole-food base. This new product was named NutriVerus™ powder.

4. Patents


Mannatech holds over 50 patents worldwide for Ambrotose complex glyconutrient formulation. In addition, Mannatech has in excess of 90 patents issued worldwide for the technology pertaining to Ambrotose, Ambrotose AO®, GI-ProBalance® and PhytoMatrix product formulations and in the field of biomarker assays.

 In May 2014, Mannatech received the Certificate of Grant in Australia for the PhytoMatrix formulation (All Natural Multivitamin and Multimineral Dietary Supplement Formulations for Enhanced Absorption and Biological Utilization).   Mannatech also received the Certificate of Grant in Australia for the Ambrotose AO formulation (Methods and Compositions for Modified Release of Nutritional Supplements).  There are currently 33 patents issued worldwide to Mannatech for the technology pertaining to this formula.

Overall, 98 patents have been issued worldwide to Mannatech for the technology pertaining to its Ambrotose®, Ambrotose AO, GI-ProBalance®, and PhytoMatrix® product formulations and in the field of biomarker assays.


Patents do matter!

Steve advises “When a company claims they are better than Mannatech because they have more patents, examine their patents in great detail. There are many types of patents – label design patents, packaging patents, mechanical patents. Look to see if they have patents, like us, on technology that goes in to your body. That’s what really matters for a nutrition company. Mannatech has real science, real technology and relevant patents for our industry.”

The relevant patent for our industry is the composition of matter patent. It is serious science and if you’re going to get the patent, this means you have to prove to the patent office in each country that what you have actually does what you claim it has. Mannatech has done more than 90 times. And those patents not only cover the United States but over 20 countries Mannatech operates in.

Our patent positions have been repeatedly reaffirmed in court. For example, in July 2010 Mannatech won judgments against five companies found to be manufacturing and marketing products that infringed upon our patented glyconutrient technology.

5. Serious about science

Mannatech is serious about nutrition and serious about the science behind it. Mannatech has invested more than US$50 million into the research, development and validation of Real Food Technology solutions and continues to invest more. Mannatech consistently looks at developing natural, food-based dietary supplements and other health and wellness related products using our exclusively patented products to provide healthy choices to informed people around the globe.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed


You can trust the science and quality behind our products. We are so confident about them that we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. How many vitamin and supplement companies do that?



How many vitamin and supplement companies have pioneered formulations, introduced technology to disrupt the marketplace, backed their products with science, currently holds in excess of 90 patents worldwide and has invested significant dollars relating to the research, development and validation of their products? Only one – Mannatech. As a consumer, you have made the right choice!

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