Mannatech: 96 patents and counting

Mannatech: 96 patents and counting

Mannatech has expanded its worldwide patent portfolio with another three patents issued, two of them in Australia!

One patent applies to PhytoMatrix® caplets while the other two apply to Ambrotose AO® capsules (one issued in Australia and another in Japan). To date, 31 patents have been issued worldwide to Mannatech for the technology pertaining just to its Ambrotose AO formulation. In total Mannatech business now has 96 patents worldwide for the technology pertaining to our product formulations and in the field of biomarker assays.

“A pillar of Mannatech from the very beginning has been product innovation,” commented Dr. Robert A. Sinnott, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Mannatech. “Our robust and ever-expanding patent portfolio tangibly shows our continued commitment to innovation. Our systematic approach to research and intellectual property development is a constant part of our everyday efforts at the company. It serves as a huge asset to both the company and its thousands of Associates.”

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