Fight the fat with OsoLean®

Fight the fat with OsoLean®

As Mannatech’s Your Body Your Way fat loss program takes the world by storm, we feel it’s time you get better acquainted with the darling of Mannatech’s fat loss range: OsoLean.


  • Is all natural
  • Contains no synthetic additives
  • Contains no sweeteners
  • Is easy to take
  • Supports weight reduction*
  • Decreases waist measurement*
  • Has been proven to increase lean mass to fat ratio*
  • Uses exclusively formulated protein peptide technology
  • Is gluten-free
  • Uses the highest quality ingredients
  • Is manufactured in a TGA-approved facility that adhere to the highest Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Has a 90 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

OsoLean is a whey protein powder unlike any other on the market. As well as being gluten free, OsoLean utilises a patented process where specific parts of the whey protein are isolated and concentrated, ensuring the optimal level of fat-loss peptides. In a study conducted over eight weeks in which overweight subjects were given two serves per day of OsoLean powder, they reported decreased waist measurements, better appetite control and an increase in energy levels*.

We’ve told you about the fat that OsoLean can help you lose, but what about the vitamins and minerals it adds to your body? Two serves of OsoLean contain 44% of the recommended daily intake of calcium and 40% of protein when used as directed. It also contains naturally occurring magnesium (20–25mg per serve) and phosphorus (101-126mg per serve) from whey powder.

OsoLean powder dissolves easily, making it easy to blend with virtually anything. Two scoops dissolved in water and consumed 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner will provide you with the best results, but OsoLean – particularly when combined with NuFlavourTM sachets – allows you to get creative with coffee, milk, smoothies, fruit juice and even yogurt, soups and salad dressings! Check out the Your Body Your Way eating plan for countless suggestions. (If you’re not yet signed up to Your Body Your Way, call Customer Service on AU 1300 361 878, NZ 0800 333 250 or SG 800 130 1597.)

What are you waiting for? Get the body you’ve always wanted with OsoLean whey protein powder!

*Osolean powder should be used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and proper exercise, like in the Your Body Your Way fat loss program.

Price changes occurring in BP3

From time to time Mannatech reviews the pricing of its products. This can be for a number of reasons, such as an increase in the price of raw materials from our suppliers or an increase in manufacturing costs.
Wherever possible, we absorb those costs as we recognise the importance of remaining competitive. However there are times we cannot absorb the cost any further and this results in a price increase.
Commencing BP3 the price of GI-ProBalance® slimsticks, ImmunoSTART® tablets, Omega3 and PlusTM caplets will be adjusted to factor in increased manufacturing costs.
The new pricing will be as follows:

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