Stormy skies don’t dampen the Mannatech spirit

Stormy skies don’t dampen the Mannatech spirit

With threatening skies, storms hovering high above, a happy band of Mannatechers took off for a 6AM start to set up our display for the annual Panda Pearls Side Walk Sale.

Our tent display was the only one of its kind there & we attracted many to browse the literature, taste test the refreshing NutriVerus®™ powder, kept cold in Orange juice on ice, MannaBears® supplement & the amazing PhytoBurst® Chews. All of these supplements were able to be spoken about & literature given to those interested. None refused.

Our Ūth™ skin crème display took pride of place. Nicely decorated in the Ūth colour scheme of blue, sliver & white, we were able to show off the amazing results via a photo album. We gave out some samples & information to the interested ones, too.

The highlight for us was to be able to gift a Ūth bottle , beautifully presented in clear cellophane wrap with blue ribbons streaming down to a special guest  from Melbourne who had flown up especially for the day, Rosie Batty. You will recall she received the Australian of the Year award on Australia Day for her courageous stand for the families of Domestic Violence; she lost her son at the hands of her estranged husband on a cricket practice afternoon. Rosie was overcome by this gift & we were so pleased to introduce her to the Mannatech spirit, giving changes everything.

We conducted a Wellness Survey throughout the day & have 3 winners of free product.

The threatening storms did break upon us in full force as we were packing up. The day was concluded with a special drying off period before a late lunch; Your Body Your Way style.

PD Robyn & ED Kyna Sully


New Challenges bringing lots of fun!

Celine Goh, National Director in Singapore has decided to try something a little different by setting up a stand in a hospital and has set a 90-day challenge to see if she can use this busy location as a good base for prospects and customers. Read on to find out what her new challenge is and how she’s going with trying something new.

“One month into my 90-day challenge at the hospital stand and I’m still having fun!

I find it’s a base I can use to meet my prospects and a training ground for myself and my downlines in the business of approaching and talking to prospects.  I have learnt a lot about myself, where I am in terms of skills and focus and am continuing to learn and improve myself.  I would encourage my fellow Mannatechers to set up shop in a little corner (you don’t need a big stand) somewhere in a mall, school or shop on a regular basis.  Familiarity in this case will not breed contempt but rather start conversations with people who move around the area frequently and … you know the rest!  All the best!

Photo features Celine Goh and Minarni Tanuwidjaja


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