Setting the Standard for 2016

Setting the Standard for 2016

Congratulations to Kristy Sapwell, the first Australasian Associate to reach Senior National Director for 2016! We touched based with Kristy to get some great tips for anyone aiming for a new leadership level this year.

“I am so excited to have reached the level of Senior National Director! To me it’s just a small stepping-stone to where I want to be. 

When I first took on this business I had no idea what it was going to take, to make it work. Every day is a challenge for me, as I do believe I am my own worst enemy and the only thing holding me back is myself. Therefore I have devoted so much of the past 2 years into my own self-development with mainly CDs, on line training, life coach and trying really hard to improve my reading skills (People who know me know that it’s not easy).

I get so much joy and excitement out of making a difference in someone’s life one way or another, and sharing the Mannatech vision is my driving force because there is so many more who need our help whether they see it or not.

I am a work in progress and as I grow I know my business will grow with me to ED, PD and beyond. I look forward to helping my existing team and future business partners reaching their full potential and dreams.”

~ Kristy Sapwell, Senior National Director

There you have it! Challenge yourself to grow, be passionate about what you do and support your team. Gaining a leadership level is attainable for anyone who’s willing to devote time into improving themselves, building their business, and believing in the future success of their team.

Great job to Kristy for setting the standard for 2016, and best of luck to all Associates who are setting their own leadership goals this year!

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