Congratulations To Our New Senior National Directors

Congratulations To Our New Senior National Directors

Congratulations to our latest Senior National Directors
Crystal Ward and Paula Khouri!

Both women have come such a long way in building their business with Mannatech. No doubt their rise to Senior National Director is one of many successes to come and we cannot wait to support them throughout their journey. You only need to read their testimonials to get an understanding of how hard they have both worked to achieve their goals and feel their passion to reach even greater heights.

Senior National Director, Paula Khouri

“I’m married with 3 gorgeous kids and my hubby is one amazing man! Nick has run his own company as a wall and floor tiler for about 25 years. For years we’ve been struggling to try and get on top of bills and the expenses that come with children, living pay to pay. Unfortunately, our world came crashing down 4 years ago when we lost our home as we couldn’t pay mortgage and bills and the bank foreclosed on us. Even after the bank sold the house we still had a mortgage to pay!

“It had devastating rippling affects, we lost our cars and had to also pull the kids out of the school as they were going to a private Christian school and we just couldn’t keep up with the fees and it has only been in the past 6 months we’ve been able to make a dent in the amount we owed them.

“It was around that time I called Naomi, who is a friend I’ve known for years, and had been following her progress on Facebook. I was amazed by it and wanted in. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the frame of mind to pursue things at that time. I was extremely knocked about from losing the house and bills mounted, I was also very sick, having been diagnosed with severe depression and fatigue and many other health issues.

“Fast forward to 2015, and I continued getting sicker and between January and September, spent 90% of my time in bed. After many tests and not knowing 100%, doctor’s put it down to my body starting to shut down from the stress of losing the house and not dealing with it properly, not being able to get on top of bills, etc. He told my family if I continued down this path, I would soon die.

“I was diagnosed with depression, had severe migraines lasting sometimes 8 hours, fogginess in my head, severe body aches and pains, legs so swollen and sore I couldn’t put jeans on, nothing could touch my legs from the pain. I had cold sores so bad that they would fill up my whole lips and no sooner would they leave and in a day or 2 be back again, my hair was falling out rapidly too. I had no life. I couldn’t go out for long and always needed to be close to home.

“It was by far the worst period of my life. It was then that I reached out to Naomi again out of sheer desperation to get my health back. Within as little as 10 days of taking the products, I was a completely different person.

“I started on OsoLean® powder, Ambrotose® complex, GI-ProBalance® Slimsticks, NutriVerus® powder and PLUS™ tablets. I saw a big difference, immediately! Literally 10 days later and I was a completely different person. I started losing weight, no more migraines, the fogginess in my head cleared, I felt happier, and my energy went through the roof, body aches and pains stopped. I was feeling amazing!

“It was then that I had another talk with Naomi about coming on board again to help with the finances of our family – and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

“Family and friends started noticing the difference immediately too, because I went from someone who was hardly able to walk and really never saying much when we were out together, in constant pain, to walking around freely, going out more, having people over more, talking more and engaging with people and life and no pain! The questions started coming in thick and fast and I just told them the truth!

“That got the ball rolling in signing up them up and doing my first XFM party with 5 friends and all 5 signed up, and within a few short months I reach the National Director level and earned an all expense paid trip to New York!

“Five months later, I’ve reached Senior National Director. I follow the system and stay very close to my upline, I do the training and do my best to constantly learn new things every day.

“I even did an XFM party in McDonalds as that was the only place the girls would agree to meet. It goes to show this business can be done anywhere.

“The business has many rewarding aspects for me that have impacted me greatly. Apart from my health being back on track and improving daily – to be able to provide essential items for my family, is so rewarding.

“The pinnacle point for me was when my 15 year old needed glasses and for about 6 months kept saying “I can’t afford it!” It got worse for him, so I took him to get his eyes checked, but did say to him, “honey, we need to wait to see how finances go, let’s go see what they say” and they confirmed, yes he needed them desperately.

“I had checked my bank account that morning and had $20 left, so he knew we wouldn’t be getting them that day. When the eye test was done, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said ‘mum I know we can’t afford it but at least we know now and one day we’ll get them’. So while he was talking, I checked my bank account, praying for a miracle and my miracle arrived!

“My first commission had come in from being Regional Director and it was that moment I started to cry. Seth, thinking I was crying because we couldn’t afford it, tried to comfort me and when I looked up at him and told him “No it’s not that – the money is there and I’m getting the glasses for you now”, well that was it for him, he broke down too.

“It was then that I made the decision to give it my absolute all and succeed in this business. If a pair of glasses could bring so much joy to him, then I was going to do everything I could do give them everything I could (without spoiling them of course!)

“Another favourite for me was when we went up to Coffs Harbour for a little break and stayed at a beautiful resort. Now to get to the restaurant for breakfast there were 28 stairs to go up and down. That worried my husband as he knew I couldn’t normally do stairs! There were 28 in total, so he started to fret a little. I turned to him and said ‘babe I’ve got this!’ and proceeded to walk down them! When it was time to go up he looked at me as if, are you sure you can do this, I got to the top before he did and he looked up to me and said ‘who are you’!!! PRICELESS!

“Gone was the old girl who couldn’t do stairs and basic things in life, to now literally running up them and having to wait for the boys to catch up! Swimming for 5 hours in the pool during our holiday and doing the basics things most take for granted, like grocery shopping, laundry, cooking meals, I’m able to do it all now.

“Another thing I love is our M5M – Mission 5 Million. My business nourishes 120 children. To be able to nourish those precious children, affected by poverty and malnutrition, knowing that you are helping them as they grow is an amazing feeling.

“I am so thankful and feel blessed for Mannatech and the people in our teams, who believe in you, invest in you and are genuinely happy to see you achieve!

“Our future looks bright, filled with hope!”


Senior National Director, Crystal Ward

“A few words I would use to describe our journey would be awesome, exciting, emotional, thrilling and scary. It has been such a roller coaster ride and I am sure many of you have been there too!

“We have come from such a varied background and this is the last place I thought I would find my fit! We joined the business a couple of years back, once I decided I wanted out of the rat race.

“Shaun and I own a mowing franchise, so work is very taxing on the body and its 7 days a week and our bodies wasn’t going to hold out for ever, that’s why I needed this to work. I got started and had to prove a point to Shaun, that maybe I could commit to something… but even I wasn’t 100% on that.

“In no time, we hit Regional Director and were off on holiday to our first Australasian Convention! This was the first time I ever got anything in all the companies I tried, so this was exciting and a little bit of an “I told you so” moment.

“We went off to Convention, where Shaun realised why I was so excited and I remember us coming home and thinking… how the heck are we going to get 6,000 points?!!!

“In no time we got the 6,000 and got to National Director…. this is where everything changed…. we won another amazing incentive and went on a trip to Tahiti, which was something we wouldn’t have ever thought of doing! IT WAS AMAZING…. but, I think that time away broke our momentum and we just thought it was going to happen and missed a few of the major steps.

“Since then… a year ago, we have had our trials, our doubts and our questions, but with the amazing leadership of our upline leaders, Silver Presidential Directors, James and Kasey Hannan, Presidential Director’s, Naomi and Kristian Enevoldson, Executive Director’s Annette and Chris Smith, my running partner Kate Taylor and the amazing team of go getters and legends and of course the use of the TOMS, we got back on track and managed to win a trip to Sydney to collect our award for top 5 Enroller in Australasia, so that got us pushed back in to gear!!!

“We got back on track, regained our momentum and in 2 BP’s of getting serious hit the level of Senior National and it couldn’t have happened at a better time!

“This business always seems to pick you up right when you need it most, or maybe it’s because it is always there but we are only really grateful for it when we are in our slumps. Yes, we could have been so much further along in this business, but I think we are just where we are meant to be and there is no better time than now. I feel we have developed as people and as leaders enough to be prepared for what’s coming.

“The future is SO bright with Mannatech!

“To build this as a family is the best feeling in the world. To know this is our freedom, our legacy in an ever changing world is such a weight off our shoulders, knowing the girls will be ok as long as we stay on target. I believe we all have moments where we feel stuck or lost, but I also believe it is just the universe preparing us for what’s to come, so never give up on yourself or your dream.

“There is nothing more rewarding than living a life of purpose.

“Thanks corporate for your unwavering support and Mandy Morelli who always knows the exact moment to call (that is a whole other story in itself)!”

Many thanks
Crystal & Shaun

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