A quick climb towards the top

A quick climb towards the top

Regional Director Jodie Butson

One of our newest up and coming leaders – Jodie Butson – is proving to be a real rising star in Mannatech. She’s just recently joined the Adelaide team and has already made it to Regional Director status in under four weeks! Here’s what she has to say about her journey with Mannatech so far:

“My world has just been rocked!

May 2014 – enter Mannatech into my life… OMG! My life has changed forever.

“Amazing how 10 short weeks can change someone’s life so much. I’m telling you, that’s exactly what has happened to me. (But I’m guessing if you are reading this, you are not really surprised with this revelation of mine as you have been there as well in some way, shape or form!) So, here’s my story for you.

“Now I have to say, when I first met Regional Director Tina Armiento (my enroller), we hit it off straight away and I knew instantly I had found a new friend (something I just didn’t do much anymore). I knew anyone who could talk as much as me was my kind of gal. What I didn’t know was that she was about to introduce me to something that was going to change my life and send me shooting in a new direction at the speed of light plus drag me out of my health challenges and make me feel so much healthier.

Although my husband was a reluctant participant (he’s a realist) he was kind enough to humour me and being the good man he is, he swallowed whatever I was sending in his direction without question. Mind you, I think I heard him mumble at one point whilst throwing some PLUSTM caplets down the hatch that he ‘wasn’t going to fall for any of this rot’ or some such words. You can imagine my shock when on the fourth morning of taking his Mannatech products he came out looking completely bewildered and asking what exactly was in this stuff. He felt AMAZING – focused, awake and switched on. Well, off I went and started talking and telling him about all the products. My first presentation was done! Needless to say, he is still going strong and is quite the different man… and so my journey began sharing with as many as I could! If I could make my hubby the realist understand how and why he is feeling well, to me the sky’s the limit. Family, friends, hairdressing clients, my Zumba participants: I have lists, BIG lists and all are being educated!

Today, 10 weeks later I have just found out I have achieved Regional Director and I am pretty excited about that little piece of news let me tell you!

Eventually, my aim is to help as many people as I can and bring them on this wonderful journey with me. Oh and of course to get to Presidential Director along the way!

Can’t wait for the journey to unfold and to see where it leads me.

Honestly, I am just so grateful to have found such a wonderful product and company. Tina and Bronze Presidential Director Judy Abbott have been an amazing supporting upline to me; without their support, I would not have learnt as much as quickly. I can’t wait to meet many more amazing people along the way. You will all be seeing more of me in the years to come, you can count on it.”

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