Presidential Directors’ Round Table

Presidential Directors’ Round Table

On Thursday 29th January the members of the Presidential Directors’ Round Table got together in Sydney to discuss the outcomes of the Presidential Director Summit in Hawaii and plan for the year ahead.
This meeting is an open forum where our Presidential Directors share thoughts and ideas not only with each other but also with the corporate office. These meetings are instrumental in the ongoing success and future planning of Mannatech Australasia.
Also present at this meeting were Regional President EMEAA Chris Simons and General Manager of Australasia Mandy Morelli. The presence of Chris Simons offered the opportunity to talk further on the 3 Point Plan and the importance of the Super Regional events, drawing upon his experience in the South African market. This discussion reinforced the success of the 3 Point Plan as the way forward.

There was focus on The Whole Package (TWP) series of events being rolled out this year and in particular the inaugural event in Adelaide on the 12th April. TWP is a public event, sponsored by Mannatech, that is designed to enhance the lives of attendees in the fields of health, wealth and happiness.
It was discussed how best to promote these events to Associates and guests as well as the general public. The corporate office also shared plans for the spectacular Gala Awards Night celebration scheduled for later this year.
All in all it was a very fruitful and productive meeting where everyone left with the knowledge that 2015 will be an incredible year for Mannatech.

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