People: Congratulations to our New Presidential Directors Naomi and Kristian Enevoldson

People: Congratulations to our New Presidential Directors Naomi and Kristian Enevoldson

Interview – Naomi  & Kristian Enevoldson

This month we interviewed newly qualified Presidential Directors Naomi  and Kristian Enevoldson to learn more about them as both full time parents and successful business entrepreneurs. They share share who they looks up to as a mentor, what they likes to do in their spare time together  spare time and where they set their sights professionally for 2016!

Who do you look up to as a mentor or inspirational figure/s?
Silver Presidential James Hannan was our enroller and mentor. He has helped us through the ups and downs and has been so supportive of us as well as our team. We really respect the way that he not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. When we first joined Mannatech we received a magazine with the story of Karen Denniss in it. Naomi found her so inspirational, as a single mum of four kids working 3 jobs to build a successful business and create financial security. She has always been so kind and encouraging to both of us.

What tip can you give to those trying to achieve the Presidential Director status?
Our biggest tip is to follow the 3 point plan. It is a simple, duplicable system with proven results.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
we love spending time as a family, eating out, going to the beach and watching movies. We have homemade pizza and family movie night most Saturday nights which is always something to look forward to. Walking on the beach with our dog most days is also a great way to relax.

What do you aspire to achieve in 2016?
In 2016, we will help our team move up their leadership levels and will help develop at least one new Presidential Director but lots of Snr ED’s, ED’s, Snr ND’s and ND’s in the team! Kristian and I love helping others achieve their dreams and goals too!




 Staff Spotlight – Jaclyn Kwan

Jackie joined Mannatech two years ago as a Senior Graphic Designer and creates basically anything Mannatech Australasia visually produces! When she isn’t working, she’s enjoying Sydney’s dynamic city life with her camera in hand, road tripping or trail walking to capture pictures of some amazing landscapes and scenery.She lives by the philosophy 顺其自然 – meaning, take it easy and enjoy nature’s course.

Jackie keeps herself updated on the latest trends and technologies. Within the design industry, there are so many programs and skills that people can keep on learning, and to maintain a youthful mind in absorbing new knowledge. She likes to stay on top of the industry! For 2016, she wants to keep improving the quality of marketing deliverables, to gain more consumer satisfaction and gain more exposure in design related project planning. Ultimately she wants to bring Mannatech’s branding to a new level!



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