Finding Freedom!

Finding Freedom!

Our people are our best asset here at Mannatech and this week we want to shine the spotlight on one of our rising stars, National Director Joanne Bishop. We also have an update on our Brand Ambassador Matt Levy and all the upcoming events that are keeping him very busy!


Finding freedom with Mannatech

by National Director Joanne Bishop

“Before I joined Mannatech I was constantly worried about my family’s financial future. My husband was stressed about money and wanted me to go back to work so I could help out with the bills. I was unhappy with the idea of having to put my 1-year-old son into childcare.

“Last year I was introduced to Mannatech through Senior Executive Director Naomi Enevoldson and thought I would check it out. I officially joined the business in April and WOW! What a ride it has been so far. I had never done anything like this before and was over the moon when I signed up my first customer.

“A few months in I made it to the first leadership level of Regional Director and was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from my upline, Naomi Enevoldson and National Director Sandra Spence.

“Last Business Period our team and I put in a huge effort and worked hard to help me achieve the leadership level of National Director. I am now nourishing 60 children a month through my business and I am no longer worried about my financial future.

“I encourage anyone who is thinking about working from home to GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it.”

The full list of our high-achieving leaders who took the next step in their Mannatech career in BP1 2015 can be found here. Congratulations to everyone on the list and we commend you for all your hard work and dedication.


Where in the world is Matt Levy?


Matt is currently in Sydney to compete in the NSW State Championships

Mannatech Brand Ambassador Matt Levy has never been known to rest on his laurels and this year will be no different. Fresh out of a training camp he attended in Thailand in January, he’s competing in the NSW State Championships in Sydney this month. He’ll be gracing Sydney with his presence for two months as he trains for the National Championships that will take place in April before flying out to Germany for the Berlin Nationals.

More rigorous training awaits him in April with the Australia Camp that will get him firing on all cylinders for the IPC World Swimming Championships in Scotland in June. There’s no rest for the wicked as, after that prestigious event, the National Short Course Championships take place in August. Whew!

Matt is a gold-winning paralympian swimmer who has been Mannatech’s official Nutrition Ambassador since 2013. Born 25 weeks premature, he was left with cerebral palsy and impaired vision. He had countless operations on his heart, lungs and brain as he fought to stay alive.

A truly inspirational sportsman, Matt now fights his way to victory in swimming competitions around the world. He has proved a perfect match for Mannatech, as his hard work, dedication and passion have made him a beloved figure in the world of swimming. He has this to say about Mannatech’s range of glyconutritional products:

“Since taking Mannatech’s products, especially the Sports Performance range, I have seen my performance sharpen in training and competition and my recovery improve. I strongly believe that these are one of the best vitamin and supplement ranges on the market because they are completely sourced from real food and plant ingredients making them 100 per cent natural”.

We look forward to hearing about all of Matt’s amazing achievements in the upcoming months as we’re sure he’ll continue to blitz his way through the swimming world.



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