He made it – M5M China Run completed!

He made it – M5M China Run completed!

Jason Lester’s epic quest 

Back in August, ultra-endurance athlete Jason Lester dared to be different.

He did something he never did before.

He broke out of his comfort zone: he took on a challenge to be the first individual to run the length of the Great Wall of China in 100 days or less.

Jason wanted to be a leader and raise awareness of Mannatech’s Mission 5 MillionSM vision.

Jason leads awareness around the world about M5M


On October 29, Jason Lester officially completed the 100-Day Challenge.

He covered a gruelling distance of 2,500 miles (4,023 km) in just 83 days!

Not only was he the first to run the length of the Great Wall solo in a single attempt, but he helped bring nutrition to children at-risk of malnutrition around the world! Mannatech will now supply 50,000 children with a 12 months supply of a nutrient-rich powder called PhytoBlend™powder, designed to provide children with many of their daily nutritional needs. Mannatech could not be more proud of him and hope that his efforts will continue to be an inspiration to #FightMalnutrition!

Jason crosses the official finish line for the M5M China Run


To have an insight into his journey, check out this Skype call recorded on Day 76 of his 100 Day challenge, featuring Mannatech President Al Bala and other executives from the US Corporate team by clicking here.

Jason Lester visited Remar Orphanage in Guatemala City and the DAR educational program in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, in March before leaving for China to help the world’s next generation succeed.


So many people have been inspired by Jason’s journey.

Jason completed his quest, what about you?

True leaders have a bold vision for their future, just like Jason Lester. Would you run a marathon a day for 100 days to raise awareness around children at-risk of malnutrition? 

This vision that involves doing something extra-ordinary. Jason Lester wanted to be the first person to run the length of the Great Wall solo in a single attempt.

What are you doing in your Mannatech business that involves something new, something different, something risky, something that makes you uncomfortable?

Think of the first time you did something you did that you thought would be uncomfortable and challenging…how did it feel when you did it? Take a look at this funny video which tells the story of 2 grandmothers, An and Ria, who flew in a plane for the first time in their life. Look at their faces – scared but excited! If you like this video, check out Nan on her first experience on a rollercoaster and what she says at the end is hilarious!

These 2 stories prove you are never too old for “firsts”. Life is full of “firsts”. Leaders embrace “firsts” because they know it will make a difference in their life and business.

As Jason started his epic China Run on August 8 for the next 100 days, a number of Associates across Australasia began their own epic quest: to run the equivalent of a business marathon a day by completing a daily activity tracker.

These Associates challenged themselves to run their business like never before.  They stepped out of their comfort zone with the 100 Day M5M Challenge. We would like to congratulate these Associates for their participation:

Name (First)Name (Last)
Ah SjnAng
JanBuch Hansen
Alan & SandyMcCloskey
Gabby & DarrylStumbles
Gailvan Ryswyk
HankVander Zee

The activities on the tracker have been proven to drive success in a direct selling business and included taking the products daily, adding a minimum of one new name to your personal list daily, doing personal development for 30 minutes daily. For many Associates, this could have been the first time they systematically addressed these activities on a daily basis.


Allan and Sandy McCloskey completed their trackers daily


Associates participating in the 100 Day M5M Challenge were encouraged to add up the points associated with each daily activity achieved and sum the total points each month and then send them into the Business Development team.

Sandra Braid

Only a few Associates took on this accountability and truly stepped out of their comfort. We would like to give them special recognition for diligently completing their daily tracking and sending through their monthly point tallies:

  • Regional Director  Jan Buch Hansen
  • Executive Director Julia Corradetti
  • National Director Allan & Sandy McCloskey
  • National Director Sandra Braid
  • National Director Pauline Hancock


Be sure to check out our interviews with Pauline and Julia on our new Mannatech Australasia blog.

Two ways to address mindset to drive success in your life and business


Often we hear success in direct selling comes down to activity. Activity will drive GPV growth in your business and inspire and motivate Associates in your team onto greater success. 

Activity is the sign of a great leader.

We know that activity is function of behaviour and mindset.


By embracing The Three Point Plan, you are addressing the behaviour side to the equation. Your Daily Dozen and Activity Tracker aim at developing repetitive tasks, habits, that drive behavioural change.
Mindset is trickier. Much trickier.
Mindset involves delving into your psyche and confronting it, just like Dorothy confronted all those interesting characters along her journey in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz:

Do any of these following problems resonate with you:

You are not satisfied with your current reality – personal, financial and physical wellbeing.Determine what has been holding you back. Prioritise areas in your life that you feel require improvement. Awaken your immense potential.
You feel you have little control over what happens in your life – stuff just happens!Appreciate the power of intention and it’s relationship to sharing results in your life, giving you greater satisfaction.
You want to be a better leader in your Mannatech organisation because you recognise that accomplishment through supporting others is one way to be successful in network marketing.Understand the qualities of a good leader and embrace them to create a deeper connection with the people in your organisation.

Are you willing to become a leader, step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge of moving from Problem to Solution.

Are you willing to move away from talking about doing things, to taking action?

Would you like some help to challenge those blockages that are holding you back from greater success in your business, from greater success as a leader of a great team, from greater success in life?
Are you willing to come on a journey of self discovery and confront those Evil Witch thoughts and beliefs holding you back?
We have two solutions for you that will drive success in both your personal and business life.

Solution #1 – INtentional YOU

INtentional YOU is an intensive 1.5 day course where you will be guided by an expert in Personal Development to:

This event is being held in Australia on November 22-23 and Singapore on November 29. For more information, click here.

Registrations close soon November 1 for the Australian event and November 8 for the Singapore event. Be sure to register to secure your place.

Will this work?

Some years ago, Donna actually created as well as facilitated several personal development programs, attended by Presidential Directors Judy Abbott,  Karen Denniss, Chris Gregory and James Hannan.

Click here to register before registrations close November 1 (Australia) or November 8 (Singapore).


Solution #2 – Tool of the Month (TOM) is launching BP13 – only 11 spots left

We are very excited to announce that our new personal development system, comprising of 1 book and 2 CDs each BP, will be launching in BP13.

You can read more about it here.

We only have  11 SPOTS LEFT on this program so Call Customer Service today to ensure your TOM will arrive with your Automatic order in BP13.


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