Executive Director Success Story

Executive Director Success Story

By Executive Director, Seon Hi Kim

Seon Hi Kim and her family

In BP10, I achieved the level of Executive Director. I was so excited!! Mannatech has asked me to share a little bit about myself so you can understand more about my journey with Mannatech so far.

Our family are originally from South Korea and we now live in Christchurch New Zealand.

A close friend shared  Mannatech with me and I become fascinated about how Mannatech works.

After doing some research and talking to some people who run a Mannatech business, I decided to join just to try the products. I instantly realised that my family and I were feeling more energised by the day. 

My family started a healthier lifestyle, thanks to Mannatech!

I then started to share Mannatech with other members of my family, other relatives, parents who I knew in my community and also my friends.

By sharing Mannatech, I was able to slowly work my way up into becoming an Executive Director. I would like to personally thank Mannatech employee Chung – Hwa Yoo. She helped a lot since I started with Mannatech until now.

In conclusion I am very honored and lucky to work with Mannatech. The company has made a huge impact in my life and I can’t wait to introduce new people to it. I will be continuing to work hard to make new achievements through Mannatech while trying to help others in achieving their goals. 

Mannatech rewards success – Tahiti anyone?

As a business opportunity, Mannatech offers more than just commissions to reward business success. There are the regular incentives which offer Associates experiences in places they would not normally visit – exotic, adventurous and beautiful destinations like Alaska, China, Mauritius.

If you are like Seon Hi Kim and love sharing Mannatech, why not participate in our current incentive, the Tahiti super incentive, running from BP9 to BP13?

You only have 2 BPs left once BP11 ends this Friday!!Read more about this super incentive by clicking here.

This super incentive is for super achievers for a super prize: a double package to stay in a once-in-a lifetime resort for 1 week in your own private bungalow on Moorea Island, Tahiti. This prize will be awarded to the top 10 business builders (2 at each leadership level).

Live like a Presidential Director at the Executive Experience

If you qualify as an Executive Director for the first time between BP9 and BP13 (2nd August – 19th December 2014) and hold that qualification for another consecutive BP, you will qualify for a three day, two night experience in a luxurious resort. You will be treated to the exclusive lifestyle that our Presidential Directors are used to and receive the knowledge to reach Presidential Director level yourself. As well as enjoying fun activities and excursions you’ll also come away with your 90 day action plan – your pathway to Presidential Directorship. We we will also be flying in a Presidential Director to deliver an exclusive presentation on how to achieve this coveted level.

If you’ve been aiming to reach Executive Director, this is the time to stretch yourself, build your business to a brand new level and reap the rewards.


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