Brian Eaton’s Fat Loss Journey on TruPLENISH

Brian Eaton’s Fat Loss Journey on TruPLENISH

“Christine and I have been using the TruHealthTM Fat-Loss Program for four (4) months.

“Christine only had a small amount of fat that she wanted to lose but was having no success on any diet she previously tried. Since starting the TruHealthTM Fat-Loss Program she has lost 9kg and 45cm from her waist.

“I myself, didn’t even think I was overweight but decided I wanted to try the new fat loss product and was asked by Mannatech’s Executive Director, Geoff Mulham to trial the TruHealthTM Fat-Loss Program.

“When Christine & I took the before photos I was shocked to see how obese I was. We also had body scans which again was a big shock, as these revealed the internal fat around my organs was at a seriously dangerous level.

“After seeing these results Christine and I decided to stick to the guidelines of the TruHealthTM Fat-Loss Program and a low-glycaemic diet. We increased our exercise by walking every day.

“In a very short time we began to see dramatic changes in our bodies; scale loss, centimetres lost, increased energy and better fitness levels. Then people wanted to know what we had been doing. Friends we had not seen for a while were shocked by our appearance.

“My visceral fat level after 90 days has dropped from 18 to 8! My fat loss to date is 18kg and 94cm of fat gone from my waist! I am a new man, now wearing size 32 inch pants instead of 40 inch, and I now wear size medium T-shirt instead of double XL.

“My life has been totally transformed through this amazing product. I will never go back to the old Brian. Because I decided to transform my life, people can see the visual difference. Christine and I see this as a means of fast-tracking our Mannatech business and changing people’s lives for the better.

“As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! People cannot argue with what they see.”

National Director, Brian Eaton

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