New Zealand Incentive: Take yourself to the edge of the world

New Zealand Incentive: Take yourself to the edge of the world

Imagine a place of complete serenity and relaxation. A place filled with colour, life and inspiration. What do you see?

A tropical archipelago on the edge of the world. Dolphins leap through crystal waves along golden sandy beaches.  Away from the sea, up a slow flowing river, you will find cascading waterfalls and vineyards filled with bright citrus fruits. A myriad of rare and unique creatures and cuisines take you far away from the familiar suburban life you live, to something akin to a dream. But this is no dream. No, this is the very real destination of the latest New Zealand Incentive reward…

The Bay of Islands spans over just 16 kilometres and is one of the most socially and culturally significant locations in New Zealand. It’s a mecca for sailing, dolphin watching, swimming, diving, jet boating and fishing. This string of islands offers the perfect getaway for any person or family seeking an escape from the mundane.

The prize is attainable for any associate who lives in New Zealand, the more points you earn the better the trip gets! Prepare yourself to embark on a journey to the destination termed as “the edge of the world” by checking out these helpful links:

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