Our Borneo Incentive Achievers!

Our Borneo Incentive Achievers!

Lush rainforests, remote tropical islands and mysterious jungle valleys of Borneo awaits discovery for our Borneo Incentive Achievers.

Our achievers will be getting in touch with their wild side in the shadow of the tallest mountain in South East Asia, the colossal Mt. Kinabalu, towering over 4000 metres high. Our achievers will be shaking hands with the local orangutan population, diving with turtles in one of the many vibrant tropical reefs and exploring the oldest rainforests on Earth with an estimated age of 130 million years old.

Our Achievers

Annie & YC Goh
Colin & Dawn Bucknor
Colleen Ryan
Dayandra &Gloria Hettige
Eugenia Liew & Peter Loh
James & Kasey Hannan
Karen Nickels
Kate Taylor
Kristy & Grant Sapwell
Lay Kwee Phua & Chua Poh Suan
May Lee
Melissa Humphris
Naomi Enevoldson
Paula Khouri
Rachel O’Connor
Stephanie Joseph

Travel Period: 12th – 17th November 2016

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