TruHEALTH Challenge Tips

TruHEALTH Challenge Tips

Congratulations, we’re 30 days into our challenge.

That means you’ve made it half way!

Make sure to submit your 30 Day Results by Sunday 18 November, for the chance to WIN $3000. Submit ‘before’ pictures and body measurements via



Our TruHealth Challenges are a great way to shed fat. So, here are some additional tips to help you with our ongoing 2018 Spring Challenge, these are the behaviours we recommend to stay on track when you’re trying to lose fat! And our tips to do it right. 


Tracking your measurements in key areas is the best way to follow your fat-loss success. Keep in mind centimetres lost or gained, rather than kilograms on a scale is the goal for a healthier body composition and life. Enter your measurements once a week to keep close track of how you are doing.

Here are the parts of your body we recommend you measure as you go.


Although measuring yourself is a wonderful way of tracking your fat-loss progress, the biggest indicator of your success is how you actually look! That’s why “before” and “after” photos are so important for your journey to a New You. You may not want to take them at the start, but you’ll wish you had taken them at the end!

Your photos are crucial to helping track where you came from, and it serves as motivation for where you are going.

Here are some tips to take great before and after photos! 


  1. Take the picture in a room with good lighting and a high quality camera.
  2. Take BEFORE and AFTER pictures in nearly identical conditions.
  3. Take pictures in front of a bare wall with white or light background.
  4. Try taking an AFTER photo weekly to see progression of fat loss over time.
  5. Take a full body, front facing picture while standing up.
  6. Use pictures with date stamps.


  1. Wear baggy, loose fitting clothes, making it difficult to see fat loss results.
  2. Take pictures that cover your face or cut off your head.
  3. Take your picture in front of a cluttered background.
  4. Take pictures in a dark room.
  5. Twist and turn your body during pictures.

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