Melbourne Opportunity meeting

Melbourne Opportunity meeting

by Bronze Presidential Director Lyn Leine

“We Manna Entrepreneurs all enjoyed our first event for 2015. We learned more about Your Body Your Way – a lifestyle-based fat loss system – and got to try the vanilla and chocolate NU-FLAVOURTM blends, a product that can be mixed with OsoLean® and NutriVerus® powder to make a tasty shake or added to foods for extra nutrition and flavour in anything you choose! They are a vital part of Your Body Your Way, Mannatech’s new fat loss system.

“Don’t forget the benefit of the TOMs (Tools Of the Month). Order yours today and stay plugged in to what’s happening. I learned more from one of Al Bala’s Ūth Skin Rejuvenation CrèmeTM CDs than I did from any other resource, including why some people find that their skin is dry and why they should continue with a moisturiser until their skin is balanced.

“Don’t float through the year and wonder ‘Where did it go?’

“We finished off the night by getting clear about setting goals for 2015, for those who were ready to make a start. Everyone was required to list three goals in the following areas:
• What do I want to experience this year?
• What do I want to acquire this year?
• What do I want to achieve this year?
• What do I want to contribute this year?
• What do I want to have more of this year?
• Who do I want to become this year?
If you want to try goal setting in 2015, ask yourself the above questions in the areas of health, relationships, personal life, finances, career, family and making a difference.
“We used Jack Canfield’s Maximizing Your Potential worksheets which focused on writing down answers to the statements:
• What I want
• By when
• Why I want it
• Date achieved
It made us really drill down on what we want in our lives and why.

“Next month’s meeting will be held on the 24th February. We will be bringing a set of Tanita scales – which measure hydration, bone mass etc. – for those wanting to know where they are with their body composition. Bring along all those friends who want to lose extra inches. We’ll start an hour earlier so we can measure those wishing to participate and get started on the Your Body Your Way system.
“Thanks for making our start to 2015 a great one!”

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