Manapol + Ambrotose Bundle

Manapol + Ambrotose Bundle

Call Customer Service On
1300 361 878 (AUSTRALIA)*


Manapol’s patented process for isolating acemannan makes us the provider for the highest-grade aloe vera on the planet!

  • An abundant source of glyconutrients.
  • Supports cellular communication for better overall health.
  • The richest, most potent aloe vera on the planet.

Ambrotose supports the maintenance or improvement of good health and general well-being. The cells in your body know when they need nourishment, protection and repair.

  • Enhances your recall and recognition memory.
  • Supports your optimal digestive function.
  • Improves your mood and decrease irritability

* Limited time only, while stocks last. One time order only. Offer available by calling customer service: AU 1300 361 878; NZ 0800 333 250; SG 800 130 1597.

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