Great Success at the Sunshine Coast Regional Training

Great Success at the Sunshine Coast Regional Training

Executive Director, Ian Scott shares his report of the fantastic event!

“An enthusiastic group of Associates covering an area from the Sunshine Coast in the North to Northern Rivers in the South packed the room at the Mercure Hotel on Saturday 21st May. The variety of speakers kept everyone on their toes as people who had never presented previously were given that opportunity.

“The afternoon kicked off with a humorous cartoon video, “But I still think it’s a pyramid” brought laughter from everyone as it showed the ridiculous remarks often thrown our way.

“Executive Director, Ian Scott commenced the presentations with a strong message titled ‘Belief’, an important subject for all Associates as we do live in what can be a negative world. But we have such a positive message to bring it reminded us what we have at our disposal.

“This was followed by several testimonials by David Galloway, Kyleen Bradford and Kyna Sully confirming their belief in the business aspects that Mannatech can provide. David, who had not presented before gave an excellent presentation and we can see him taking part more often.

“Our congratulations go to Regional Director, Olga Kucsak who gave a masterly presentation on the basic products everyone should be using. This was Olga’s first product presentation and we are positive that we will see more of her on stage in the future. Well done Olga!

“To follow Executive Director, Patsy Walkden Brown, Mark Austin and Presidential Director, Robyn Sully each gave short testimonials on the benefits of these products in their own lives.

“Again, this was Marks first opportunity to speak. Well done Mark!

“Our panel for this training day was in relation to the 90 Day Blitz. Led by Bronze Presidential, Chris Gregory, Executive Directors, Ian Scott, Patsy Walkden-Brown and Kyna Sully all spoke on the various ways they were using this blitz to build momentum in their businesses. As this was only within the first 30 days of the blitz, it showed how important it is to get started early, to make their lists, commence contacts and to be doing something every day. It was also noted that incentives like the Borneo trip all help to build that momentum and grow Group Point Volume.

“Executive Director, Phil Walkden Brown provided an excellent presentation on his experience in using technology to spread our message. Facebook, iPhone and online can be a great tool to contact a wider audience of people, but this must be followed up with face-to-face building relationships. Technology is something that is so prevalent in society today but many find it difficult to follow. Phil was able to provide great examples of how it can be used effectively.

“The afternoon finished with Bronze Presidential Director, Chris Gregory challenging us all to grow ourselves, not waste time, focus on what can be and have determination to follow our dream.

“Regional training’s are great opportunities to allow those who are possibly just starting out, or maybe moving up the ranks, to grow in themselves by sharing the stage. We see one of the main attributes of Mannatech is to build people.”
Executive Director
Ian Scott

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