Strong start – Singapore Business Centre

Strong start – Singapore Business Centre

Mannatech’s presence in Singapore commenced back in late 2004 when Bronze Presidential Director, Peter Barr and Bronze Presidential Director Chris Gregory  introduced several people to the products.

Product Display corner at the Singapore Business Centre

As interest in Mannatech and our products has grown over the years, the company realised the importance of having a presence in the country with a Business Centre.

Recognition Wall at the Singapore Business Centre

The provision of this beautiful Business Centre in the heart of up-market Orchard Road is a dream come true for the Singapore Associates and Peter and Chris.

National Director Celine Goh at an Opportunity Meeting

The official opening of this Business Centre on 27th September was followed by a major public presentation at the Suntec Convention Centre. This presentation featured the CEO of Mannatech, Dr Rob Sinnott, and President Al Bala and nearly 200 people.

The Business Centre has certainly put Mannatech on the map in Singapore and Chris believes that this Business Centre will be the catalyst to massive growth in the region.

Immediately after the Grand Opening, there were several events held at the Centre.


The first Training (for Leaders) was conducted by Bronze Presidential Director Chris Gregory and was held on Monday night 29th Sept.

The first  Opportunity meeting was conducted on Tuesday night 30th Sept, again with Chris Gregory.

Opportunity meeting


Then on Thursday 2nd Oct, Presidential Director Marie Loong provided a training session on ŪthTM Skin Rejuvenation Crème.

Presidential Director Marie Loong during the Ūth training session


Another Opportunity Meeting was held by local leaders on Saturday 4th October, 2.30pm – 3.35pm.  This meeting was followed by a training session on the products from 3.40pm – 5.20pm.

There will be Opportunity Meetings every Tuesday and Thursday nights (7.30pm – 9.00pm).

On Saturday afternoons we will have Opportunity Meetings (2.30 – 3.30pm) plus a Training session (3.35 – 5.00pm).

Share your experience of the meetings you have attended at the Singapore Business Centre by writing in the comment box below.


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Events around Australasia

There are plenty of opportunities to find out more about Mannatech and its products, learn how to expand your Mannatech business or simply listen to interesting speakers on a range of topics close to Mannatech’s core philosophy. Why are attending events so important to your business? Events play a role in your personal and professional development as the owner of a Mannatech business. Events have this magical way of helping all of us believe we can succeed with a Mannatech business. Events show us more than any video, book or CD ever could. Yes those things are important, however attending events is like being fully immersed in the things required to succeed. CLICK HERE to listen to South African Presidential Director Kirsten Pearse explain just how important attending meetings and events are to building a successful Mannatech nutrition business.

When you run any type of event or meeting, be sure to take a few photos and videos to capture the excitement. We would love to publish your photos/videos and your 100 word write-up in our next REALlife and on Facebook. Just email

Would you like us to advertise your event? Please contact

Click here for a complete list of events around Australasia.

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