Mannatech’s FREE “Social, Mobile, Global” Training Webinar

Mannatech’s FREE “Social, Mobile, Global” Training Webinar

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Mannatech’s head office in Dallas, Texas will be hosting a FREE 30 minute live webinar as a preview into the “Social, Mobile, Global” Boot Camp training event coming up at the end of July, 2016, scheduled to be hosted by direct selling industry experts Ray and Jessica Higdon.

This prelude webinar is on Wednesday, July 13th at 10 a.m. AEST and will teach attendees more about how they can incorporate social media as a part of a business building strategy.

  • What you can expect:
    Four strategies for getting prospects to reach out to you on social media
  • How to structure your profile to attract people to you
  • What NOT to do on social media
  • How super simple actions can attract a LOT of people to you using new technology and more

To register for the webinar, please click here or visit A confirmation email will be sent to you to tell you how to join the Webinar, including a link to connect and a phone number to dial in.

Watch this video from Ray Higdon to learn more about the Social, Mobile, Global Boot Camp training event coming up later in July, 2016.

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