Perth Super Regional Recap

Perth Super Regional Recap


“On Sat 6th Feb Perth held their first Super Regional for 2016.

The day was ably MC’d by Noelene Rossiter who did a superb job of researching each speaker and giving a glowing introduction. Even though many of the speakers hadn’t been heard before, by the time people were introduced we were itching to hear what they had to say.

And then the excitement began! What was so refreshing was to hear from first timers how much the products had affected their health in such a short time. Because of the way they were brought in to Mannatech, they were taking a greater product range than usual and therefore had better results than usual. A lesson for all.

Leading the excitement was the story and results from a brand new ED Indra Virasinghe. He is an inspiration and a blessing to many. It was a privilege to meet him and hear his story. Other brand new leaders in Perth were new ND Liana Virasinghe and new RD James Strider. All of these, including Indra, had been in Mannatech less than 5 months.

The icing on the cake was when Silver Presidential Director James Hannan gave the presentation for the XFM, Liana and James became so excited because together, they had independently worked out this would be a great way to build, not knowing XFM existed. Then James introduced the XFM tools already available. It was easy to see it was a model for duplicating yourself in others and creating momentum.

Perth Associates were introduced to Geoff Mulham for the first time. His easy manner and welcoming style told us that Mannatech is in good hands.

We came away humbled and excited by the great results of the new Associates, gained from their hard work which came from their belief in the products. What they did was ring people and brag about Mannatech, but do it more often than most. In fact they were doing more of everything more than most, and it showed. It was a challenge to the rest of the room to get out there and tell your story.

Perth is looking forward to 2016. We can see great growth ahead. Thank you to corporate Mannatech for the support.”

David Rossiter

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