Melbourne Ūth presentation

Melbourne Ūth presentation

by Presidential Director Marie Loong

“About 20 people turned up for our Ūth party in our home. It was a cold and wet day but our spirits were brightened when the attendees were more than the available chairs! It was a great afternoon as we heard real life testimonies.

“National Director Christine Loh gave an excellent presentation about skincare and Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème. She highlighted the botanical ingredients found in Ūth Skin Crème, thus making it a unique rejuvenating creme. Christine has been in the skincare industry for over 20 years. She stressed the importance of applying Ūth Skin Crème on a cleansed face and how to apply first on the ‘concerned areas’, moving on to the face in general using upward and outward movements.”

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