The Melbourne Super Regional, 2015

The Melbourne Super Regional, 2015

The Mannatech Super Regional for Melbourne is taking place on the 12th of December 2015! Super Regionals are a large event, open to all, where associates and their guests have the opportunity to get updated information on the business, products and so much more! The events provide an opportunity for Mannatech to recognise Associates for all their achievements and the chance to hear insights from a range of key speakers!

Keynote and major drawcard for the day is newly qualified PD and busy mother of two Naomi Enevoldson. Naomi always loved the idea of having her own business and being her own boss, however raising a family meant having a traditional business wasn’t conducive to her lifestyle. Her journey with Mannatech started in 2011 when she was facing financial and health struggles and she sought out products to help her improve her standard of living. After finding the products worked and discovering she could make a business with Mannatech, she decided to turn her life around. At the Melbourne Super Regional Naomi shares her story to inspire those around her who wish to follow in her footsteps.

In addition to inspiring attendees, Naomi will discuss a range of topics that are invaluable for associates of all levels. This will include a live XFM incorporating audience involvement for hands on experience. People lucky enough to be present will learn how to write and share testimonies, how to do a product spotlight, how to invite and the how an XFM should flow. If that wasn’t enough already Naomi is also providing training for Facebook, sharing what works on personal profiles and how to use groups for prospects and teams. This training will benefit everybody no matter what level of competency they possess on social media.

The Melbourne Super Regional will be held at the Waverley RSL (The Sunset Room) from 11:30am-4:00pm. For more information on this motivational event visit the Mannatech Australasia website and click on the events tab.


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