Mannatech Rev’s Up in New Zealand!

Mannatech Rev’s Up in New Zealand!

Mannatech Super Regional Event – New Zealand, Saturday 28th February
Written By: Colleen Ryan, Executive Director, NZ

“Our energy in New Zealand and the amongst the team has been one of a consistent and persistent effort, to make those great win-win relationships so our network can grow. Returning from ACON we were certainly empowered with a new sense of enthusiasm and a system that ensured success and a strong culture we can rely on and us Associates be a part of.  When we had the chance for a Super Regional in Hamilton, we were delighted and welcomed such an occasion.

The beauty of being part of Mannatech is that while you may be a product user and a business builder, there is something that everyone can be inspired about.  We all can find benefit from hearing how others have achieved through their struggles of health and wealth to position themselves in a better place in their lives.  This is what being part of Mannatech is all about. Our Super Regional showcased many people’s stories – some of which I’ve not heard of before – and this is what gives us the determination and courage to know we can make a difference in someone’s life.  It was great to see such a fun lot of people together with a common cause and with an empathy that you simply don’t find elsewhere.

We are in the business of solving some of the major problems the world faces today and how do we do that?  It starts with US…with YOU…and when you attend an event like this you can be sure  you will soak up some of this positive and inspirational leadership.

All the speakers had valuable insight that they had prepared well so that our audience received exactly what they needed.  I enjoyed immensely the collaboration of our teams within New Zealand and it’s this forum that we definitely achieve more.  I am so looking forward to our Wellington Super Regional and being there to support my team and meet new people.  Being part of this type of event gives you a helping hand to know what is next for your life – what is important to you – how you can be of value to others.  I especially enjoyed the insight around why young people today are looking at network marketing options for their income and lifestyle.  The world is different today and we need to ensure we are aligned with these changes and making a difference at the same time.  We need to look after each other, our planet, and how do we do that? Well…come along to the next NZ Super Regional and you’ll find out.

Thank you Mannatech for providing this opportunity to unite the face of NZ.”

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