Taking care of Mannatech business in Brisbane

Taking care of Mannatech business in Brisbane

by Executive Director Rhonda Buttery

“There was lots of post-ACON excitement for the Mannatech Business Brisbane Presentation evening on Friday 8th August. This was the first Brisbane meeting that was run according to the Three Point Plan model. The presentation began with a Robert Kiyosaki video setting the scene of current and projected workplace changes and insecurities. We then heard health testimonies from Regional Director Kerri Browne, Regional Director Pam Schoedel and Executive Director Parimal who each had amazing stories of wellness through long-term use of the Mannatech products. National Director Kate Warby, Executive Director Kyna Sully and Presidential Director Mandakini shared their successes achieved through building a business with Mannatech. A prominent feature was the lifestyle advantages.

“Bronze Presidential Director Karen Denniss conducted the main part of the presentation focusing on Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant and illustrating how the Mannatech business model is perfect for us to cross over from 90% work for 10% income, to the flip side of leveraged income when not trading time for money. This business outline is succinct and clear and is one we need to learn well for a simple, powerful presentation of our business. In 50 minutes the main part was wrapped up by Karen, leaving ample opportunity for individuals to talk further with their guests over a cuppa.

“On Saturday, training commenced with the 2014 Australasian Convention event highlights video. It was fun for those who were there and those who weren’t could get a taste of the fun they missed out on. The day was well attended and again followed the Three Point Plan model.

“Karen explained the history of the Three Point Plan and the success that has come from its use in South Africa. The three points are Group Structure, Me (continual personal development and growth) and Group Relationship. The aim is to create volume under people who will then be encouraged to develop a second line to develop an income stream. The plan builds Regional Directors and then helps them build to higher leadership levels. Network Marketing has such a huge income potential for such a tiny financial investment. Beginners should have fun, tell stories and stay close to their upline. We also had a video presentation on Success Tracker, a valuable tool for Mannatech business builders to track their business.

“I was asked my favourite Mannatech product. As a user of almost all of the products, this was no easy task!

“Three ladies shared why they are doing this business: Regional Director Jo Ferguson wants independence, a happy place to be and a rewarding lifestyle; Kate feels comfortably promoting someone else’s product (rather than her own) and loves the high quality and quality control exercised by Mannatech; and Kyna, a nurse, doesn’t want to spend her life working night shift on a capped salary option.

“Associate David Clarke was recognised for his first enrolment. Regional Director Kayleen Bradford was the top enroller, enrolling eight people since the last training day. Kerri earned her first Power Bonus while Senior National Director Ian Scott, Executive Director Anne Everingham, Presidential Directors Robyn Sully and Mandakini each earned a power bonus. Debra Youngs achieved Regional Director.

“Some of our developing leaders spoke on personal development. Senior National Director Cameron Denniss said, ‘It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves,’ and spoke on taking 100% responsibility to totally change our lives. Our subconscious is an impartial judge to what we feed it; our thoughts and words create our lives so we do well when we feed our mind the right stuff.

“Kate discussed ‘The hopes of future achievement’ – if your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough. Steer clear of people who want to crush your dreams.

“From Executive Director Sharon Whiteman: ‘Make no small plans, for they have no capacity to stir men’s souls.’ Know yourself when setting goals. Using the Mannatech 100 Day Challenge to double our business, achievers make simple steps every day. Intend to be the very best you can.

“Mandakini’s presentation, ‘If the dream is big enough the facts don’t matter,’ connected to what we really want: if we don’t succeed that means there is something else that we want more.

“Anne presented on the topic ‘It takes commitment to get to the top.’ It’s harder in the beginning but you have to believe in the products and the business and care enough. Commitment is stickability; keep at it and stick your neck out.”

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