MannaFest 2016

MannaFest 2016


With less than a week until the biggest event of the year, we are all packing our suitcases and preparing our teams for the event that will propel Mannatech into a new age! For you and your business to really capitalise on this potentially life changing experience, your attitude and the attitude of your team is paramount.

“The success of an event is not what happens onstage or throughout the event, but the attitudes that you bring into it…you need to bring the sunshine to the picnic.” Bob Adam, Mannatech USA General Manager

Bring the sunshine to the picnic! A key point worth hammering home and one that will help those of you coming to MannaFest next week is to come with an open mind, a positive disposition and a thirst for business expansion. For those watching from home – keep in touch with us socially, help us bring together the wider community by joining in our efforts for global renewal. For everyone in our network, there should be no expectations, be ready to evolve and re-energise yourselves and feel privileged that you’re part of the foundation of these enhancements, you are the new pioneers of the next generation of Mannatech and our potential is unlimited.

We have all been eagerly anticipating our biggest event of the year, especially with the reveal of Mannatech’s new brand and launch of new products. But why stop there?! Look past the event, plan your success post MannaFest. Start by setting your goals for the 90 days preceding the event. Get your team ready for rapid expansion and use the training and experience that MannaFest will provide to set a great foundation for growth.

“This event is a launchpad for growing your business. Look past the event, not just how you’re intending to come, but how you intend to leave. You want to leave not just being entertained, not just saying that it was a good show, but knowing that your life and your business was transformed. The success of an event is in you!” Bob Adam, Mannatech USA General Manager

MannaFest could be the opportunity that equips you with the knowledge that will help give you an edge and help you bring you and your team to greater success. It all however starts with you. Your attitude, your focus, your plan.

“If you declare your intention, you will succeed.” Bob Adam, Mannatech USA General Manager

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