Louis & Leone van der Linde are coming to Singapore!

Louis & Leone van der Linde are coming to Singapore!

The famous innovators of the 3-Point-Plan, Louis and Leone Van der Linde, Platinum Presidentials’ from South Africa will be visiting Singapore in late October.

Louis and Leone are brilliant in their approach to business, people and Mannatech. Their strength in becoming Q13 Platinum’s have opened the door for them to enjoy a lifestyle that Leone quotes as being nothing less than “Living the Dream”. Their messaging around Leadership, strength and commitment leads those who follow down a path of freedom to live the bigger dreams they never thought possible. Bing serious about a future and taking control of your own path to success is just some of the wisdom they promise to share with the lucky ones who will get to see them.



Platinum Presidential Directors Leone and Louis Van der Linde, Q13 Platinum Presidentials from South Africa, are well-known at Mannatech worldwide for their determination, passion and heart. The Van der Linde’s have been with Mannatech since the company’s 2008 opening in South Africa.

 Louis, a businessman, and Leone, a professional tennis coach, say that although they have helped over 20 couples reach Presidential Director level, it has never been about the money for them.

Their Mannatech business was triggered by their desire to operate a soup kitchen, and donating money whenever they could to help the children in a small Cape Town village. That was their humble beginning. Today, Louis and Leone have more than 20,000 Associates in their South African business, and a group of leaders whom they say are all “focused and motivated to ‘throw a blanket of glyconutrients’ over South Africa and the world!”


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