LIFEWISEME @ Melbourne Zinc Federation Square

LIFEWISEME @ Melbourne Zinc Federation Square

Melbourne, CBD Saturday 23rd May 2015

The lifestyle event of the year #LifeWiseMe was held on Saturday 23rd of May at Zinc Federation Square in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. A passionate crowd of more than 50 Melbournites was drawn in by the expert speakers who shared their knowledge and useful everyday tools to improve areas of life including finance, relationships and nutrition.

Keynote and major draw card for the day was Australia’s favourite female Winter Olympian and gold medallist, Alisa Camplin. Alisa’s talk got everyone out of their chairs and engaged, shedding a tear from her moving moments and nodding in agreement as she shared her insight on goal setting and making sure you get what you want out of life, regardless of what others say.

Elise May, local Melbourne presenter did a brilliant job tying in all the speakers and connecting the dots back to Mannatech. She outlined how our business model and lifestyle industry, as well as our products, can support each of the main pillars of life and potentially provide the answers to keeping everything balanced.

John Aiken, stepping out from the recently released to air “Married at first sight” got the audience considering their relationships and how important communication is, especially in a world that is managed with data and digital social networking.

Dr Joanna McMillan once again hit on the key points of how important it is to look after your nutritional intake today for the you of tomorrow. She also put into perspective how fad diets don’t work, how our genetics relate back to what we eat and how they affect our genetic make-up and in turn our health output. Her talk was strengthened by the science behind all the hype and how we should be thinking twice when shopping for what goes on our plate.

For all the tips and tricks about how to get on track with your finances, build wealth for the future and make your investments count, Finn Kelly delivered once again. Finn’s company, Wealth Enhances, spruiks the “Get Rich Slow” philosophy and Finn showed us exactly how to do it, when to invest and when to pull out. How long should we invest for and where should we put out money? A talk that got everyone nodding and feeling empowered with what to do next with their spare $100.

Event creators Mannatech is one of the forerunners of companies focused on making positive changes in the world and in people’s live. The #LIFEWISEME events are an inspired and modern way for Mannatech to achieve these goals. A percentage of the ticket sales from this event goes toward Mannatech’s M5M program feeding malnourished children around the world.  The next #LIFEWISEME event in Sydney on Sunday 9th August, is sure to draw in a crowd with 3 of its key speakers returning, and a fresh, home grown keynote speaker, Wayne Pearce, to motivate and charge up the audience.

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