LifeWiseMe – The lifestyle event of 2016

LifeWiseMe – The lifestyle event of 2016

This year the Mannatech team of Australasia sat down and asked each other “How can we strengthen our community and focus on the core values that are the foundation of Mannatech?” From this, the LifeWiseMe lifestyle roadshow was born.

The events offered a unique forum, featuring a group of independent speakers who specialise in what we’ve pinpointed to be the four “main pillars” that support a better lifestyle balance: Nutrition, Finance, Fitness and Relationships. Each speaker shared their story, imparted their knowledge and taught invaluable “take home” lifestyle enhancement tools.

The event was held all around Australia and NZ: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Wellington & Auckland. Each event location featured different speakers with local flavours so each event was original, unique, fresh and exciting!

The best part about these events was that the background of the speakers varied so much! LifeWiseMe featured ex-Olympians and football superstars such as Alisa Camplin and Eric Rush, as well as business professionals with a background in finance such as Finn Kelly and Rebecca Boles. Have a look at the great list of speakers:

Each event had a fantastic turnout. Associates and members of the public of all ages, benefited from motivational advice and tips. Events such as LifeWiseMe held by Mannatech can be so advantageous for associates to be proud of our great company, maximise the exposure these events offer and capitalise by using them to bring new people along in a ‘non-pressure’ environment. They also provide a great platform for social and educational get-togethers for your team to help strengthen them as a unit.

Mannatech Presents:The Dr. Steve Nugent  Health & Wellness Roadshow

Mannatech’s Global Wellness Director Dr. Steve Nugent toured Australasia conducting seminars on health and wellness through the first ten days of November. The road show provided associates and guests with an invaluable opportunity to hear a leader in his field share his wealth of knowledge and experience.

With over 38 years’ experience in the field of integrative medicine Dr. Nugent is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most expert and acclaimed lecturers and public speakers on nutritional supplements and their implementation and benefits.

Born and raised in Detroit (Michigan) USA, Dr. Nugent served with distinction in the United States Marines. Incredibly while serving as a Marine, he managed to study at night, and completed his Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees at National University’s San Diego and California campuses. He has since earned NINE degrees at the graduate and under-graduate level. An amazing achievement!

His knowledge and mastery in his areas of expertise means he is constantly sought after as Mannatech’s most requested speaker worldwide.

Dr. Nugent’s presentation was titled “A Brief Introduction to Mannatech Technologies”. Dr. Nugent explained the need for supplements to maintain nutritional health and our Real Food Technologies in this era of factory farming and pesticides. He also explored the nature of Glycans and how they work to improve health. On top of all that, he also touched on how Mannatech’s proven science can really help with major health issues such as weight loss, all in an engaging and easy to understand way.

If you missed it keep your ears open for news of him returning to Australasia in the future so you can learn all about Mannatech technologies and the science behind it from the man who helped develop it.

Singapore Open Leadership Meeting featuring Al Bala

Alfredo Bala, CEO of Mannatech Inc, presented himself in Singapore at the Mannatech Lifestyle Centre on Saturday 7th November 2015. He hosted an open meeting on Mannatech Leadership.

Al Bala is well known throughout the Mannatech community for his passionate support of the company’s sales Associates and has been a key contributor to bringing Mannatech into the 21st century. He has 35 years of experience working in the direct sales industry, with 28 of those spent as a field sales leader. He joined Mannatech in 2007 and rapidly increased his responsibilities at the company, ascending to the position of President in June of 2014 and CEO in August 2015. Al also played a crucial role in Mannatech’s expansion into 15 countries since 2007, including South Africa, Mexico, Scandinavia and soon, Colombia.

There was a great turnout for the day! Al Bala shared some fantastic insight with our Leaders, providing them with useful tools and shared key skills to develop their leadership and businesses even further. We look forward to seeing their growth as a result of this event and look forward to our CEO visiting in the future.

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