LifeWiseMe Events – proudly sponsored by Mannatech

LifeWiseMe Events – proudly sponsored by Mannatech

Our #LifeWiseMe event will be a unique forum, featuring a group of independent speakers who specialise in what we’ve identified to be the four “main pillars” that support a better lifestyle balance: Nutrition, Finance, Fitness and Relationships.  Each speaker will share their story, impart their knowledge and teach invaluable “take home” lifestyle enhancement tools.

What is so attractive about this event is that it’s a great opportunity for local teams to bring guests, meet potential new prospects and build their businesses by recruiting on the day! Mannatech are sponsoring these events throughout Australia and in New Zealand and Singapore to bring our incredible company to the masses, build our brand and a sense of pride for our already existing Associates. Be part of LifeWiseMe and you too will receive tools for a better life and be part of something truly inspiring.

If you are in Adelaide on Sunday 12th April, don’t miss this wonderful afternoon where you will be entertained while you learn. This event will give you the take home tools for a better lifestyle and bring your friends along to see just how special Mannatech really is.

Event Speakers & Topics:\

John Aiken: Chat vs Snap Chat: Communication in 2015
Finn Kelly: Win Your Own Lotto: Wealth Enhancement Tips
Dr Joanna McMillan: When too much on your plate is never enough: Secrets to a nutritious diet
Mark Bickely: Make Your Mark: Hear from Adelaide’s Favourite Crow

Visit for ticket sales, get in early and only pay $30!

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