#LIFEWISEME Adelaide kicks off with a hugely successful event

#LIFEWISEME Adelaide kicks off with a hugely successful event

The inaugural #LIFEWISEME event held at the Adelaide Convention Centre yesterday (Sunday April 12th) was a roaring success with over 70 people in attendance. The event ran well over the allocated four hours, such was the interest and enthusiasm for the guest speakers and the topics that were presented and discussed.

Kelly Nestor did a brilliant job as the MC, getting the crowd involved using her home town girl status to full advantage, much to the crowd’s enjoyment. The audience was entertained and highly engaged, leaving the event excited and energised armed with new information, life skills and tools acquired in an eye opening and life changing afternoon.

The Q@A with the four main speakers was definitely one of the afternoon’s highlights and had everyone involved and immersed in the hot topics being discussed.

Fad diets and why they aren’t good for you as well as refined sugars, good carbohydrates vs bad carbohydrates were handled in an enlightening and entertaining manner by TV celebrity nutritionist Dr.Joanna McMillan who also gave away 5 FREE Yearly memberships to her life changing Get Lean Programme.

Phycologist John Aiken handled the thorny questions for parents of how do I get my teenager off their device and talking more. For those in relationships (Isn’t that all of us?) his tips on how to build resilience and balance in your relationships by saying “no” and also how to set boundaries was invaluable.

Finn Kelly of Wealth Enhancers explained the ins and outs of Super, goal settings and current financial assessments as well as great advice on better wealth planning which are sure to make a huge difference in how our attendees plan for their futures.

Adelaide’s home town hero Mark Bickley had the crowd enthralled as he opened up about a sustainable career in fitness and the latest hot button topics effecting AFL at the moment. The room came alive as   everyone dived in and scrambled for the hand ball toss to win a signed Sherrin ball. One lucky attendee even received a signed Crows Guernsey, which will definitely go straight to the pool room.

Event creators Mannatech are one of the forerunners of companies that are focused on making positive changes in the world and in people’s live. The #LIFEWISEME events are an inspired and modern way for Mannatech to achieve these goals. A percentage of the ticket sales from this event will go towards Mannatech’s M5M programme feeding starving children around the world.  The next #LIFEWISEME event in Melbourne is sure to be even more of a success offering even more life changing tools and inspiring speakers

 All speakers were tweeting, Facebook sharing and Instagramming throughout the day so you can check us out on all social media and hit up our Facebook to check out some photos. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.878497052191710.1073741831.855263624515053&type=

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