Aloha from the Hawaii Summit!

Aloha from the Hawaii Summit!


Chris Gregory provides a breakdown of the importance of Mannatech Incentives and events, expressing what attendees gained from the Hawaii Summit. Naomi Enevoldson shares her “life changing” and “magical” experience of the Summit and sheds light on what people can expect from Mannatech events like the Hawaii Summit.

“From the moment we arrived at the Fairmont Maui and we were shown to our stunning suite overlooking the ocean we knew we were about to have an experience of a lifetime! Relaxing by the pool, snorkelling in the reef and going for a row in an outrigger canoe where a whale breeched just metres away from us were just some of the leisure activities.

Every night we enjoyed dinners with various themes including the new Presidential Lieu which was such a wonderful night! Every night was so much fun and often included dancing! The most exciting was the meetings on the first day where the new Mannatech was unveiled!

A new vision for the future and fresh branding which was more congruent to who Mannatech is and where we are going. To be amongst the top leaders from around the world and be recognised on stage as new Presidential Directors was so amazing.

On the last day we were able to chose an activity and so we went for a sunset sail. What a magical way to finish a truly incredible experience! Yes dreams do come true!”

~ Naomi Enevoldson, Presidential Director

“I saw the Hawaii Summit as a bit like ’the engine room’ of Mannatech. This was where the leaders both from the field and from Corporate World wide, gathered together to discuss, update, learn, plan, and generally set the tone and activity for the next few years. It provided the opportunity for the Board and SEO’s to share where the company is positioned right now, where it has been in the previous 12 months, and how they see things moving forward.

It provided the associate leadership opportunity to report on how these decisions affect those in the field and to share from their combined experience what is the best outcome for everyone.

It was a time of fun, recognition, and catching up with old friends, however it’s real purpose and value was to guide and invigorate us as we return to a constantly changing world, to move our teams forward as we share the bigger picture. Mannatech is in an amazing place right now. The world is changing fast but so is Mannatech. The digital world and the ‘millenniums’ have certainly changed the way things are done. They want the money and they want it now!!

With our new branding, totally renewed IT platform and back end office, new products and world leading Compensation Plan, there is no reason why this cannot be the year in which we all double our business’s. While others come and go, we are in as strong a position as we have ever been, and our continuing research, product development, and very successful children’s nutritional support through M5M – stronger than at any time in the companies history, this is the place to be. I challenge all of you to plan to become Presidential so you too can be part of the incredible leadership that is Mannatech.”

~ Chris Gregory, Bronze Presidential Director

We encourage all Associates to work towards attending our incentives and events. They are educational, provide tools for building your business, rewarding and fun!

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