An evening of leadership and Queensland Super Regional

An evening of leadership and Queensland Super Regional

Due to its great success, The Three Point Plan has been spreading across the globe, including our own backyard in Australasia. It originated in South Africa, which is now one of the most successful and rapidly growing Mannatech markets, churning out leaders at a phenomenal rate.

The meetings grid is a series of activities to share the Mannatech opportunity to wider audience, facilitate Group Relations and bring to life the Power of Unity within your organisation or area. These activities comprise one on one meetings, opportunity meetings, house meetings, monthly trainings and quarterly Super Regional events with a special leadership meeting held on the Friday before the Super Regional. Leaders in South Africa have observed that that Associates who embrace the meetings grid go on to become Champions in their organisation.

During the month of October, Associates in Queensland rolled out a combination of the a leadership night/Super Regional components of the meetings grid for the first time.

An evening of leadership

By Executive Director Ian Scott

Our leadership night was the first in our “new Look” Super Regional events as per the Three Point Plan recently taught at ACON. It was attended by 25-30 Nationals and above and was a fantastic start to a great weekend of learning inspiration and recognition.

We had three PDs inspiring us.


Karen Denniss got us started, followed by James Hannan, with Simeon Cryer ending the evening with his usual encouragement and motivation.

Bronze Presidential Karen Denniss

Silver Presidential Director James Hannan role plays with National Director Cameron Denniss

Silver Presidential Director Simeon Cryer

The leadership evening was a great warm up to the rest of the weekend and we could really feel the energy of the momentum being built in South East Queensland.
I truly believe that a new season of massive growth has begun.

National Directors and above from Queensland attending the leadership evening

Super people at the Queensland Super Regional

By Bronze Presidential Director Chris Gregory

On Saturday October 18 we held our final Super Regional for the year, combining all the Queensland teams and from all, the feedback was a great success.

A big thanks to Executive Directors Anne Everingham and Ian Scott for MC’ing the event and kept everyone on track.

MCs for the day – Executive Directors Anne Everingham and Ian Scott

Bronze Presidential Karen Denniss provided a great presentation on  our great Mannatech products.

Bronze Presidential Karen Denniss delivered a great product presentation

Karen’s presentation was followed by 5 personal stories by Regional Director Wendy Farrell, National Director Kate Warby, National Director Oscar Natera, National Director Jane McIntyre,  Executive Director Kyna Sully and Executive Director Garry Knapp. These stories always confirm the efficacy of what we have to share with others.

Associates sharing personal stories


Jason Lester inspired the audience by video as he overcomes all odds with his 100 day ultra-marathon on the Great Wall of China.

Jason Lester keeps focussing on the finishing line with the M5M China Run

Silver Presidential Director Simeon Cryer then encouraged others to release their potential for greater things.

Silver Presidential Director Simeon Cryer on the topic of becoming greater

Associates were recognised for the following categories of achievement:

  • Enrolled their first associate
  • First Team Bonus
  • First All Star
  • First Power bonus
  • Achiever

These first levels are so important as for many people, this is the first time they have been involved in a business like this, and also for several, the first time they have been recognised for anything.

We congratulate all who were recognised.

Presidential Director Mandakini Foux gave a masterly presentation on the benefits of the Network Marketing model, and to use Robert Kiyosaki’s words, “this is the business of the 21st Century”.

Presidential Director Mandakini Foux spoke about the benefits of a networking business

Executive Director Kyna Sully shared how the extra income from her ‘part time business’ enabled her to pay cash for her first car; showing that Mannatech truly has a great compensation, ‘profit sharing’ system.

Executive Director Kyna Sully – Mannatech has a great compensation plan

Further recognition covered the new Director levels.

  • NEW Regional Directors – Suzanne Gillbanks, Ricque Gillbanks, Cenly Wong, Tiffany Gaal, Yusak Irwanto, Olga Kucsak, Pauline Edwards and Michele Scott;
  • NEW National Director  – Bev Gregory
  • NEW Senior National Director – Gabby Stumbles
  • NEW Executive Directors, Chris & Annette Smith and Ian Scott.

New Regional Directors

New National Director, Bev Gregory

New Senior National Director, Gabby Stumbles with uplines Bronze Presidential Director Chris Gregory and Executive Director Ian Scott

I concluded with a message around “Why Mannatech – Why Now”, encouraging us all to take advantage of what we have in our hands and go out and share the message with others. As Zig Zigler says so eloquently.  “Help enough other people get what they want, and you will get whatever you want”.

This is a people business. Super Regionals are all about people.

Happy faces of the winners of the lucky door prizes

Special thanks must go to those who worked behind the scenes on technical aspects, Regional Director Rod Farrell, Executive Director Michael Hickey, Regional Director Olga Kucsak, Presidential Director Bev Gregory, Executive Director Rhonda Buttery and other team members who are always willing to assist.

Events around Australasia

There are plenty of opportunities to find out more about Mannatech and its products, learn how to expand your Mannatech business or simply listen to interesting speakers on a range of topics close to Mannatech’s core philosophy. Why are attending events so important to your business? Events play a role in your personal and professional development as the owner of a Mannatech business. Events have this magical way of helping all of us believe we can succeed with a Mannatech business. Events show us more than any video, book or CD ever could. Yes those things are important, however attending events is like being fully immersed in the things required to succeed. CLICK HERE to listen to South African Presidential Director Kirsten Pearse explain just how important attending meetings and events are to building a successful Mannatech nutrition business.


When you run any type of event or meeting, be sure to take a few photos and videos to capture the excitement. We would love to publish your photos/videos and your 100 word write-up in our next REALlife and on Facebook. Just email

Would you like us to advertise your event? Please contact

Click here for a complete list of events around Australasia.

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Saturday Morning Call – Why Mannatech Young Generation
Adelaide – Training Session
Gold Coast – Team Training
Singapore – Meeting and Training
Cambridge – meeting
Singapore Opportunity Meeting
Gold Coast – Opportunity Meeting


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