Bundy is buzzing

Bundy is buzzing

By Executive Director Bev Walker

Bundaberg has a population 112,000 people and is located is 220 km north of Brisbane. This modern, progressive city kicked off it’s history in 1867. Known by the locals as “Bundy”, the word Bundaberg originates from “Bunda” (the name of an aboriginal elder) and “berg” (Saxon word for town). 

First came agriculture, then sugar and mining industries and then railway construction and then Mannatech! Mannatech’s “Bundabergians” were  recently buzzing with excitement following  the wonderful visit of our Corporate Business Development friend  Sinead  Pollock.

During  Sinead’s visit we enjoyed two full days:

  • A  business leader’s training meeting;
  • An open Business Presentation;
  • An open Product Presentation;  and 
  • A personal  one-on-one sessions with Sinead to support our efforts to focus on the Three Point Plan and build our businesses.

New  Executive  Directors  Chris  and  Annette  Smith  did a wonderful  job leading  the  open  events  and setting the tone of professionalism  for all  future  gatherings.

ED Annette Smith, ED Bev Walker, ND Irene Fraser, ED Chris Smith, ED’s Estelle and Noel Young


Annette gave us lots of encouragement  and  good advice in practical areas of our presentations for us to work  on.

We all enjoyed being together, sharing ideas and working together as a team.  We enjoyed many meals together and fellowship over those two days.

From  the days we spent together, we are now set to plan our 2015 activities. 

ED Bev Walker & ND Irene Fraser

ED Bev Walker

New Zealand embracing the Three Point Plan

Mannatechers in New Zealand are on fire, embracing the Three Point Plan by rolling out training and regular opportunity meetings.

Opportunity Meetings

Opportunity meetings are coming up in


Training session

Hear Silver Presidential Director James Hannan share some of the successful strategies which will take your business to new heights in 2015!

  • 3 point plan
  • Role plays
  • Strategies that are working
  • How to’s
  • Generating leaders
  • Remembering your why
  • Dreaming big again


Events around Australasia

There are plenty of opportunities to find out more about Mannatech and its products, learn how to expand your Mannatech business or simply listen to interesting speakers on a range of topics close to Mannatech’s core philosophy. Why are attending events so important to your business? Events play a role in your personal and professional development as the owner of a Mannatech business. Events have this magical way of helping all of us believe we can succeed with a Mannatech business. Events show us more than any video, book or CD ever could. Yes those things are important. However attending events is like being fully immersed in the things required to succeed. CLICK HERE to listen to South African Presidential Director Kirsten Pearse explain just how important attending meetings and events are to building a successful Mannatech nutrition business.

When you run any type of event or meeting, be sure to take a few photos and videos to capture the excitement. We would love to publish your photos/videos and your 100 word write-up in our next REALlife and on Facebook. Just email marketing@mannatech.com.au.

Would you like us to advertise your event? Please contact marketing@mannatech.com.au

Click here for a complete list of events around Australasia.

Kawana – Uth Cafe

Saturday Morning Call – travelling world wide to support, train and inspire Associates

Christchurch – Opportunity Meeting

Gold Coast – Opportunity Meeting

Wellington – Training Session with Silver Presidential Director James Hannan

Adelaide – Super Regional Event

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