Cash for Christmas

Cash for Christmas

We love our summer months here in the Southern Hemisphere. Long days spent at the beach. Just sitting on the deck, eating vanilla ice cream and rockmelon, all the while contemplating the promise of what a new year brings.

Now imagine how rewarding those long summer days of relaxation would be if your business was working for you? To keep your business pumping over the summer break, it all starts with communications.

Handy Tips!

There are some key points about Automatic Orders to know and to share with those in your business:

  1. Automatic Orders are FLEXIBLE. This means they can be amended, as often as each BP, to suit a person’s needs. If you’re overstocked with Omega-3 with Vitamin D, why not place an order for Emprizone? Handy gel for those summer months that nourishes and cools dry skin and restores vital moisture.
  2. We reward loyalty! By ensuring consistent Automatic Orders, there is no loss of loyalty credits. Remembering that new credits are only applied after 3 Automatic orders generate CONSECUTIVELY. After the initial 3 months however, you generate new credits EVERY month! It is in everyone’s best interest to avoid breaking the winning streak and ensure they maintain credit accumulation for future orders or new product sampling.
  3. It is extremely important, that whilst you’re on your Mannatech wellbeing cycle by taking regular products, that you keep it up for best results. By remaining consistent with taking the Mannatech products, you’re making sure you’re receiving the best benefits to your general health and wellbeing. By breaking that cycle, you may lose some of those health benefits, meaning you will need to restart the wellness cycle all over again…
  4. Finally, automatic order generation dates can be adjusted to support your cash flow. This can be adjusted once a BP. If you need to delay a payment, do so, this means you consistently receive the wellness benefits and maintain loyalty credit status – a win, win for all!

So as a business leader – now you have some handy hints to share with your customers!

Get in touch with your customers now, talk to them about their current order, support them through their order adjustment, and make sure they are aware that loyalty credits are there to supplement their purchasing needs.

If you have a customer that has never ordered an automatic order in the past – celebrate with them by encouraging them to place their FIRST EVER automatic order in BP13 for 100PV or more, and they will receive $20 OFF! PLUS if they maintain their order in BP1, they will receive an additional 10% loyalty credit.

What else?

Mannatech has put in place a number of incredible promotions for BP13 – BP1 and you should be sharing these great offers with your customers as well.

  • For any purchase of Ambrotose Complex® or Advanced Ambrotose® powders, customers receive 2 FREE sample sachets of Nu-Flavour (chocolate and vanilla) PLUS a recipe cards inside with some yummy suggestions!
  • For any purchase of the Ūth Generation Skincare Trio pack (Ūth Cleanser, Ūth Moisturizer and Ūth Rejuvenation Crème) a FREE box of Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème is included PLUS for BP13 – BP1 we’ve dropped the price to only AU$198, NZ & SG $215 – THAT’S A HUGE SAVING! Share the gift of Ūth this Christmas with those you love the most
  • With any order of OsoLean® twin pack, our customers receive one box of EACH flavour of Nu-Flavour product (Chocolate & Vanilla) – What a great way to kick start those new year resolutions!

At Mannatech we love to reward our customers and support our business builders. Encourage your teams to maintain Automatic Orders and ensure that your summer break offers you the most prosperous start to 2016!

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