90 Day Blitz Challenge

90 Day Blitz Challenge

Accept the Challenge, Boost your Business

The big launch of our new branding has been revealed but the excitement doesn’t end there! The time has come to look forward and use this relaunch as a stepping stone to boost your business. What steps can you initiate to capitalise on the launch of Mannatech’s new era?

JP Koster, Gold Presidential has set up a 90 Day Blitz Challenge to help everyone prioritise their goals and be inspired to excel at getting as much return from this rebranding for your business. Here’s how it works:

  • Take the excitement generated with the launch of the new Mannatech and transfer it into a growth strategy for BP’s 6,7 and 8.
  • Get together with your team and formulate your own game-plan and time-line.
  • Make the decision to START NOW!
  • Organise webinars, calls, meetings, and whatever you can to create excitement during the Blitz.
  • As part of the Blitz, everyone needs to start immediately on their ‘names list’ and send it to their upline to create accountability.
During the Blitz…
Full Timer business builders, set your goal as:
10 exposures per day
This translates to 50 exposures per week/200 exposures per month and will generate 600 names throughout the Blitz.
Part Timer business builders, set your goal as:
5 exposures per day
This translates to 25 exposures per week/100 exposures per month, and will generate 300 names throughout the Blitz.

Set yourself and your team the challenge; supercharge your success in as little as 90 days. It is simple, easy and downright achievable!

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