Lush rainforests, remote tropical islands and mysterious jungle valleys; Borneo awaits your discovery. Teeming with a plethora of exotic wildlife and natural wonders, Borneo holds the secrets of the natural world, hosting the oldest rainforests on Earth with an estimated age of 130 million years old.

Get in touch with your wild side in the shadow of the tallest mountain in South East Asia, the colossal Mt. Kinabalu, towering over 4000 metres high. Hear the historically significant and moving stories of your local guides as they chaperone you on your journey of discovery; helping you shake hands with the local orangutan population, dive with turtles in one of the many vibrant tropical reefs or identify the largest flower known to man.

Your Borneo Adventure Awaits!

The journey has been mapped out for the Borneo Travel Incentive and the tropical jungles and islands await your discovery. The memories you’ll take away from this incredible array of experiences and adventures below will surely last a lifetime. Read on and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime…

Embark on your journey of self discovery, earn your way to the adventure of a lifetime.